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If you are searching for a boudoir photographer in NC, I’m your gal 🙂  Yup, I’m based in Raleigh, NC.  However I have quite a few clients who came all the way from CT to see me which I really appreciate their trust in me.  I had a wondering boudoir session with K who came from CT.  I absolutely loved working with her and help her to capturing her gorgeous tattoo art that’s a big part of her.  Here is what K wrote about what this boudoir session meant to her and how it helped her finding herself.

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After thoughts From Ms. K:

I was extremely nervous yet excited because it was something I hadn’t ever done before. I have had body image issues since I was 10 years old which I realize may people think odd because of my size. But I did struggle with weight in my younger years. Qian, my boudoir photographer, put me completely at ease in our initial conversation about the boudoir session.  It was so very helpful that she explained in great detail how the session would go.  I truly appreciated and utilized all of her advice and suggestions.

Because I live a few hours from your studio I decided to make it a mini getaway and booked a hotel room for the night and pampered myself the night before.  It was amazing especially since I hadn’t ever had a getaway by myself before.  It had been years since I “vacationed”.

My main reason for considering a boudoir session was because after my fiancé died I felt completely lost and alone and unloved. I wanted to do something for myself to try to boost my confidence. I talked to a couple of girlfriends about it.  Without hesitation they told me I absolutely should do it! At the time I was competing in the Inked Cover Girl contest.  I had very amateur photos of myself.  I thought that if I competed in another one I would look for a professional for it.  Then I started my search. That’s when I came across Qian’s page and saw her Tattoo model casting call and it was just a no-brainer!

I am so very happy that I did find her because she is absolutely amazing both professionally and personally! Every aspect of the session was more than I could have hoped for. Her direction, hospitality and guidance completely put me at ease and the final products completely blew me away! She truly captured amazingly gorgeous photos of me and I never thought I would ever look so beautiful! EVERYONE who has seen the photos tells me how stunning I look and that really touches my heart and soul.

So many people don’t believe that I am 49 years old and they all say that I truly inspire them and a few of them are seriously considering doing sessions themselves! I came away from my session with her feeling so confident, beautiful and revitalized! Qian helped me love myself, which is something I struggled with my whole life and I cannot thank her enough!

Many of my tattoos have meanings… the Cardinal with Roses tattoo is a memorial piece for my fiancé. There was a male Cardinal who came to visit me in the backyard daily after he passed. The Celtic cross with lilacs on my back is in memory of my dad who passed in 2014, and the floral half sleeve on my upper left arm is a tribute to my sister who passed in 2005. All of those tattoos were done by the same artist, Mark Duhan of Skin Deep Ink here in New Milford CT. I love how my tattoos are realistic and colorful and beautiful and I am so very proud of them and love to show them off!

Ms.K has been competing for Inked Magazine cover girl.


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