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We all have special memories throughout our lives.  And we all have our own way to honor, to heal, to celebrate.  To Ms. A, getting inked is her way to heal and have these special memories staying with her forever.  And Inked Boudoir Photography helped her to see herself from a different angle.  Here’s Ms. A gathered thoughts.

“I have spent most of my life with very low self esteem, always believing I wasn’t good enough. I’ve always worried about my appearance and even been at the low of being anorexic, bulimic, and even attempting suicide. That in combination with having gone through some very difficult personal situations in my life and led me into a very dark hole that I felt I would never get out of until I started on my ink journeying long the way found the hottest boudoir photography might just be the answer.

The transformation I have made over the last few years is astonishing to even me. To say my ink is just skin art is absolutely incorrect. It is what has brought my confidence level to where it is today. Each and every piece has a message or a reminder to myself of what has passed, what is present, and for what is to come in my future and I look at them every day to never forget those moments and especially the reminders.

My ink has given me permission to love myself for exactly who I am, exactly the way that I am. I am not perfect. I do not have the best body. I’m not the most intelligent woman you will find. But what I am is real. I am not afraid to be who I truly am and I am not scared of how people may judge me. Our stories are all different, and you never know what someone has gone through or how it has affected them. My story just happens to be documented on my skin for everyone to see.

It is not just “ink” to me. My ink is Me. I am a different person with my tattoos. I now have the confidence to hold my head up high and be proud of who and what I am. I am different. I don’t want to be the same as everyone else. I am my own imperfect masterpiece. But until I started on my ink journey I didn’t accept that as being OK. I don’t see deep ugly stretch marks on my belly, tho they are still there. What I see now is beautiful reminders of what I have overcome and to find that inked boudoir photography is the hottest boudoir photography is just icing on the cake.
“Light up the darkness ” isn’t just a quote. It’s a mindset. I will never let someone else’s darkness become my shadow. My ink holds me accountable for loving myself because I am faced with it every time i look in the mirror. Until 3 years ago I had spent half of my life hating myself and blaming myself for losing my unborn child. On her 18th anniversary that all changed. Her name was placed over my heart and it finally gave me peace with having lost her. Having her with me every day encourages me to be the best Amanda that I can be and to never give up no matter how hard life gets. When I had my session with Q it was an eye opener, literally. My ink had helped me heal so much on the inside but I had forgotten about the outside. Seeing myself completely vulnerable and sharing my “story” was the final healing that I needed.
My life is no longer filled with self doubt. I walk with my shoulders back, I’m proud of who I am, and I encourage other women to do the same. My ink has not only helped me heal but it has helped me see what a beautiful, strong, and amazing woman I am. 4 years ago I didn’t want to even get in front of a camera and now I’m competing for Inked Magazine Cover Girl.”
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