3 Tips to Keep Your Confidence In Check

How to Keep Your Confidence in Check?

Do you feel beautiful and confidence today?  Maybe the answer is No. It is very common that you receive compliments about how great you look but you don’t feel the same way.  We all struggle from time to time especially when we compare ourselves to others whom we think they are perfect.  But why are you still not seeing what other people see in you? Ha, because we as woman tend to be more critical of ourselves.  Please let me remind you that No one is perfect.  Your idols are struggling too with their insecurity or imperfection in their eyes.  You just don’t know it.  Beauty comes in different forms, ages, colors, height, weight.  There’s no boundaries to what beauty is.


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Tip #1 – Finding Your Confidence Through Your Strength

How do you see the best of ourself and build up the confidence?  You need to find a way that works for you and help yourself see the beauty in you.  Let’s start with finding one thing you love about yourself.  Or maybe what other people love about you.  It could be outer appearance such as your beautiful smile, sparkling eyes, your gorgeous hair or it could be your great personality, such as your humor, your caring character, your strength or your free spirit which other people are jealous of.   They all together formed you as a unique human being with unique beauty.


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Tip #2 – Keep Your Confidence in Check

Next step, You need to remind yourself everyday that you are beautiful.  You need positivity in your life.  As my husband and I always tell my daughters “You can do anything and succeed if you tell yourself you can do it.  The negativity will just bring yourself down and lead to failure.”  The confidence is the key to success!  So as how we see ourselves.

Find a way to remind yourself all the time and give yourself positive thoughts.  Personally I really love the app. called Mantra.  But there are many other approach as well.  Easiest one, just say it out loud “I am beautiful” or “I am good enough”.  Repeat three times.  Maybe next one will give you a constant reminder.  A sticky note on your vanity mirror, so you will see it every morning to give yourself a nice fresh start of the day! And a reenforce at night before bed.

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Tip #3 – Pick Me Up Treat for Yourself

Treat yourself and try something new once a while to get a confidence boost through excitement!  A pair of sexy heels.  Maybe a new lipstick color for a chance or a complete makeover.  Or maybe a boudoir photoshoot to boost your confidence and see yourself in a whole new angel :).

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