Empowering Modern Boudoir

Understanding Modern Boudoir Photography


What is a boudoir photo shoot?

Boudoir is a French word.  It means the private room for women, such as bedroom or any room in private setting.  Boudoir photography is lingerie photoshoot taken place in such an environment.  The whole vibe should be intimate and sensual.  Traditionally a boudoir photography is for men’s pleasure.

However, modern boudoir photography is all about making yourself feeling sparkling from inside everyday!  It is more about yourself, not any one else. It is all about connecting you and your body, celebrating yourself, gaining more confidence and empowering yourself and inspiring other women through a boudoir photoshoot.

Beauty comes in difference shapes, sizes and ages.  And most importantly, beauty comes within – your confidence.  I’ve always been telling clients that I can absolutely tell the second you have more confidence in you because you eyes will sparkling, your attitude in your body language will change.

All together, that’s where your confidence and true beauty will unveil.  That’s empowering!  This is what make me so in love with what I do, to help you realized how beautiful you are.  It’s very rewarding for me every time when a client WOWed by their images and gasped when she saw her images for the first time.



empowering modern boudoir photography near by Boston Boudoir by Q near Boston, MA


How can a boudoir photoshoot help you?

A boudoir photography session will help you realize that you should appreciate yourself and appreciate what you have now!  To embrace yourself and be comfortable in your own skin.  Honestly, non of us is perfect. It’s either stretch marks, cellulite, scars, belly rolls or flappy arms, just embrace them because the imperfection is part of us.  You will never be happy and sparkle from your soul and live life to the fullest if you are not happy about how you look or who you are.

It will help you to see yourself in a different light and perspective through a perfect boudoir experience with a right boudoir photographer.  So start to change your perspective, embrace and celebrate because we are not getting younger every second.



fine art nude in bed with white sheet modern boudoir photography by Boston Boudoir by Q near Boston, MA sexy wide fishnet bodysuit modern boudoir photography by Boston Boudoir by Q near Nashua, NHsexy black lace open back lingerie booty shot modern boudoir photography by Boston Boudoir by Q near Nashua, NH


Whom can be benefit from such a boudoir photoshoot?


I would say all women can benefit from a boudoir session.  Moms who want to find that spark in them again. brides who want to have a gorgeous boudoir album as a wedding gift to their husband to be on their wedding day. Women who are about to reach big birthday milestone and they want to make this event more memorable. Women who lost confidence due to their life experience and they just want to feel good about themselves again. Women who lost significant weight and would like to celebrate and document this big milestone.

Some young women would like to capture and document their youth before they start a family.  And there are quite a few women who just fell in love with boudoir photography because it keeps them feeling sparkling and fabulous!



fishnet bodysuit with rhinestone modern boudoir photography by Boston Boudoir by Q near Boston, MAhigh fashion fuchsia tube bodysuit modern boudoir photography by Boston Boudoir by Q near Boston, MA