Should I wait to get a shoot done or just jump in?

A non-refundable $250 session fee is required to book your session, including 90 minutes boudoir experience, prep guide, wardrobe planning, client wardrobe access. Add on professional hair and makeup upon request. Images and products are not included. They need to be purchased separately at your viewing session. The average investment on images is about $1800

Just jump in! Often women tell me they would love to have a shoot, but first they want to lose weight, or they don't have the courage to have their picture taken right now, but one day will. The time to celebrate yourself is now, just as you are!

You don't need to lose 10 pounds or wait until you feel super strong to do a shoot. Boudoir photography is intimate and requires vulnerability, and is generally out of most people's comfort zones. But I promise you we will have a blast! Research has shown that pushing outside of your comfort zone is one of the keys to growth. Feeling fear is normal, but we work through it together, and you emerge stronger and more confident than ever. Besides, you are getting older every day. So why wait?

What should I do to prep for a shoot?

Once we settle on a date, I will send you my Boudoir Prep Guide, which includes information on what to wear and the different styles that are available. I'm also available at all times via phone, text or email to answer specific questions or give an opinion. This is my area of expertise! I will help you every step of the way and make sure that your experience is as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Do you share my images with the public?

Your images are completely private unless you sign a model release that allows me to use them for promotional purpose which will help empower other women! Your images will never be shared without your written permission. That's my Promise!!!

How far in advance should I plan the shoot if I want to give a gift?

Generally 2-6 months before the date that you want to present the gift. Occasionally I can accommodate a quick scheduling. I can turn around products faster (depending on the product) if need be. Album delivery is usually no more than 3 business days after ordering. Let me know of any time constraints and I will do the best I can to get you the final product in time.

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